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Sunday, October 11, 2009

Are we living in a real life?

We are saying that we are doing the best for the people. We are taking step to improve the way we govern. We show that we are working together to do all the above. These are the thing that we are telling the world.

Today at by election of Bagan Pinang the BN had won with a biger majority of 5435 an increase of 232.96%

This show that what we are doing didn’t reflected to the people at Bagan Pinang. We are now seeing a trend of losing the battle. First, Manik Urai and now this.

Generally, what are we doing to win the heart of the voter? What ever positive we do, the media didn’t help but vise versa. The voter seems like depending it all to the main stream media. So stop doing the vise versa.

I ask for the top thinker of PR. Sit down and look back what we have done right but seem wrong or worse really wrong?

We have a long way to go, it will be bad if this trend keeps going on till PRU13.

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